EFT Tapping is an incredible self-healing tool that you can use right now to get relief from stress, unstick your stuckness, and move into the life you want to be living. You can use EFT to heal all the chapters of your old stories and create a joyful story for yourself.

Tapping is a simple way to correct and redirect the energies in your body that are connected to unhelpful thoughts, disruptive feelings and disempowering beliefs which are at the root of stress. And cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton has famously said that at the root of 95 percent of illness is stress and unresolved negative emotions or trauma are at the root of all stress.

Tapping is one of the few healing protocols that was developed specifically to address the negative association between unresolved negative emotions and painful events and physical illness and disease. Every day with my clients, we explore the mind-body-spirit connection and we use tapping and other tools to help resolve the disconnections that occur.

If you’ve not experienced tapping, think of it as a self-applied acupressure technique with the deepening experience of focusing your attention on something that’s bothering you. You simply use your own fingertips to tap on a specific set of  points on your body that correspond to acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. When you tap while focusing your attention on the upset, your system is soothed, your emotions calm and you find peace.

Until tapping, few options existed for people who are told by their medical doctors to relax, de-stress and be more positive. While conventional stress reduction and relaxation methods, psychotherapy and mood altering medications work for some people, EFT is an easy to learn form of emotional acupuncture that has been shown to get positive and lasting results about 80% of the time.

Here’s my easy guide to doing EFT for yourself.