Are you one of the 81 percent of Americans who knows you have a book worthy of being written? But why aren't you writing that book, or screenplay, or song, or blog, or journal?I-am-a-writer

I know it's a busy world, and there are lots of reasons to avoid working on your book. Do these "reasons" sound familiar?

  • I simply don't have the time to devote to writing.
  • It's very self-indulgent to think I could write a book.
  • I do have a story to tell but I'm afraid of what people will think of me... and my work.
  • It's just one more thing to feel pressured about.
  • I've always wanted to be a writer but that's just a pipe dream.

Every creative soul I've worked with as a coach had some reason to avoid writing. It goes way beyond having the time - it's also about the terror we feel when we think about putting ourselves out there.

My unique Write Now Coaching program will help you get your words out of your head and onto paper. Together we’ll unearth, dismantle and soothe the thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your writing that are keeping you silent, at any stage in your writing life. You’ll change the way you feel about writing and build a strong connection with your own writer within.

Or maybe you're already established in your beautiful writing life, and longing to go to the next level:

  • You've just landed on THE idea for your book and don't know how to proceed.
  • You've just connected with an agent and that’s sent you into a panic.
  • You freeze in the midst of creating your book proposal.
  • A negative review has you doubting yourself and your ability.

Now that my own third book is published (with Hay House, the publisher of my dreams), and enjoying life helping teenage girls use tapping to reduce their stress and anxiety so they can keep being awesome, I have space for new Write Now Coaching clients.

No matter where you are in your writing process - whether you've not written a word - or you're stressed because you're on your fifth book or blog and feeling blocked - I have solid solutions to help you Write Now. If your own book is calling but you've not been listening, or you feel like your book has stopped calling to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and learn about my unique Write Now Coaching program. Your future readers will love you for it!

If you’re interested in Write Now Coaching please contact me for more information and to apply for a spot.