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How I Blocked Writer's Block - Part One

As I sent the final draft of another book off to my publisher, I realized that I’d written this book without any paralyzing bouts of writer’s block. The main reason for the delicious absence of writer’s block is that I had already resolved my conflicts associated with writing by persistently using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping on any issue that seemed to be interfering with expressing my authentic voice as a writer. 


In this four-part blog, I will share some of the tapping scripts I used to release these conflicts, all of which were established before I was out of high school:

1. The fear of exposure.
2. Fear of being laughed at.
3. The imposed belief that pursuing writing was pointless.
4. Fear of sharing my work.
5. Events associated with my work being ridiculed.
6. Being accused of plagiarism at nine years old.
7. Feelings of humiliation associated with my writing.

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How I Blocked Writer's Block - Part Two

In Part 1 of this blog I wrote about overcoming writer's block using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. As an adult I realized that I had very early childhood memories of being chastised for my creative wordplay by my mother. At six years old, I'd already learned it wasn't safe to be creative and it certainly wasn't safe for me to share what I created. getting-through-writers-block

Tapping on the aforementioned issue, of not feeling safe to freely express my creative voice, opened a door to a room where the roots of my problems with writer's block, were sprouting.

Picture a circular room with several doors. Now picture an issue that you want to overcome sitting in the middle of that circular room. Each door is a gateway to that issue and represents a different perspective, or aspect of that same issue. My issue, for example, had many doors surrounding it, which is the case for most of the writers and creative souls who I work with.

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How I Blocked Writer’s Block Part 4

I am so grateful to my younger self that, despite all the messages I received about writing, I kept on writing. When I was 17, I finally got the courage to share my work with my sister's boyfriend who was studying English at university. He was like a big brother to me and I finally felt safe sharing some of my poems and stories.

christine-wheeler-authorI was excitedly anticipating the kind and supportive feedback I'd receive from my "big brother", when I overheard him and my sister laughing while they read my poems out loud. They didn't know I was home.

I can't begin to explain how horrifying that was. But, if you've had someone read and mock your journal or other personal writing, then please tap along with some of the phrases I used as an adult to release the humiliation of this event.

(This article assumes you have an understanding of the tapping process. If not, please scoot to my website for tapping instructions)

While tapping the karate chop point, repeat these statements:

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How I Blocked Writer’s Block Part 3

In previous blogs, I shared how, as an adult, I used EFT tapping to neutralize the negative messages I received before the age of ten about writing and being a writer. This next roadblock was a biggie!remove-writer-s-block

As my tenth grade school year came to an end, my English teacher offered me the option of taking a creative writing class the next year. I was very excited that my teacher noticed and appreciated my writing and invited me to this class. I felt like a window was finally opening for me to pursue something I loved.

When I excitedly told my parents the good news, my father told me that there was no point in taking the class, and it was stupid of me to think I could never make a living as a writer. He told me to take something "practical" instead, and I ended up in a typing class.


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